July 20, 2022

Beyond Pesticides

Protecting Health & Environment with Science.

What are you achieving by feeding people at the cost of their health…..??

Organic farming can be defined as the holistic view of agriculture that aims to reflect the profound interrelationship between farm biota, agricultural production and the overall environment. In some respects, this definition stands as the complete opposite to conventional agriculture, which implies extensive use of artificial inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides designed to increase productivity in food production.

Organic farming seems to be more appropriate as it considered the important aspects like sustainability. Agriculture is the most important sector for ensuring food security, alleviating poverty and conserving the vital natural resources that the world’s present and future generation will be entirely dependent upon for their survival and wellbeing, in the name of development, the environmental resources have been beyond comprehension.

Acid rain, deforestation, pest control, insect control, discharge of industries, depletion of ozone layer are some environmental problematic issues. Originally in agriculture, there was use of chemicals pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Green Revolution has led to increase in usage of various chemicals, which were used to increase the agricultural productivity. But these were very harmful to the nature and also to human beings. In fact more fertilizers consumption is a good indication of agricultural productivity but depletion of soil fertility is commonly observed in soils. High agricultural inputs are unlikely to be sustainable for very long unless the inputs are correctly judged in terms of both their quality and quantity.

To escape from these harmful effects, the concept of organic farming was emerged. Organic farming seems to be more appropriate as it considers the important aspects like sustainable natural resources and environment. It is a production system, which favours maximum use of organic materials like crop residues, FYM, compost, green manure, oil cakes, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, bio-gas slurry, microbial products like AzotobacterTrichoderma, Pseudomonas, Beauveria, Blue green algae, Azolla, Bacillus spp. etc., have increased the yield and also played important role for minimizing the harmful effect of pesticides and herbicides. Organic farming is a practical proposition for sustainable agriculture if adequate attention is paid to this issue. There is urgent need to involve more and more scientist to identify the thrust area of research for the development of eco-friendly production technology.

IPL Biologicals Limited is a leading Biologicals company head quartered in Gurugram which has a core expertise in Agricultural Biologicals and has commercialized various products for the use in organic farming as a replacement of harmful chemicals. Established in 1994, we are dedicated to organic farming and sustained agriculture system and environment all these years. After a decade years of research and field experiments, we have developed a series of biological products for farming. IPL Biologicals Limited is manufacturing high quality biological products for farming like bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, bio-nematicides, plant growth promoting bacteria for sustainable agriculture and providing biological solution for sustainable food production. Characterized as good efficacy, low toxicity and non-residue, these products have gained the trust of the clients for the advantages as natural and effective. These products are approved inputs for Organic agriculture and also registered by the Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee as per Insecticide Act 1968. Our Bio fertilizers are under Fertilizers Control Order 1985. We are maintaining high quality standard of these bio-products, higher than the minimum standards specified by above mentioned two regulatory bodies in India. These Bio-products are of international standards and have given excellent result in Nutrient management, Insect pest and Diseases management in different crops. They are effective on all types of diseases i.e. soil borne, seed borne and foliar diseases. In case of insect pests management they are effective against sucking pests, lepidopterans pests, mite and nematode. IPL Biologicals Limited has a bouquet of products to convert all lands from conventional farming to Organic Farming. It is pertinent to mention here that we have successfully implemented government funded projects in the states of Bihar, Haryana, Sikkim and J&K, for Organic Farming.

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