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The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Association (FAO) define probiotics as

“Live microorganisms that when consumed in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.”

Many foods, fermented dairy and non-dairy products, supplements and beverages contain live microorganisms. However, all live microorganisms in such foods and supplements do not possess probiotic potential due to their specific strain identity, potency (viable counts), and clinically validated health benefits. Lately, probiotic products have gained quite a popularity and become a healthy choice among many customers, due to their positive health benefits on the immune system, protection against diarrheal diseases, nosocomial and respiratory tract infections, lowering of cholesterol and anticancer effects. It has also been proven that the modification of microbial ecology in the gut by introducing probiotics may be an alternative strategy to improve overall health naturally. 

At IPL Biologicals, we have over three decades of expertise in harnessing and unleashing the power of microbes in providing the solutions to the agriculture challenges. with this platform, we are committed to providing the quality probiotic solution targeting various applications which fits every need in the area of human health, animal health, and aquaculture and plant health.


At IPL Biologicals, we are passionate about providing natural microbial solutions for a healthier life. Our purpose is to provide science backed microbial-based probiotic solution to various human ailment.


Probiotic market in animal health sector is rapidly gaining the momentum and becoming healthier choices in dairy, poultry, and pets’ business units. Among various application, there is very high demand of probiotic in commercial animal feed for poultry and cattle to balance the gastrointestinal flora. We at IPL Biologicals aim to provide solutions to improve the health of pets, cattle, poultry, and aquaculture by targeting immune function, digestive health (feed efficiency and growth). Probiotic applications in animal health and aquaculture help reduce the excessive use of antibiotics.


Soil contamination is a major concern from environmental, economic and societal perspectives. With the advancement of scientific tools, we can now unravel the soil microbiome and utilize the potential of probiotics in providing the solution for plant and soil health. At IPL Biologicals, we aim to explore the soil microbiome and provide products and solutions that reduce chemical inputs, increase crop productivity, protect, and increase drought resistance.
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