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Watch the exciting journey of India’s No. 1 Microbials Company

Our Story of Progress and Ambition

Our Purpose

We work towards a safer and healthier planet by leveraging our research capabilities and bringing sustainable, safe, technological solutions to consumers globally.

Our Goal

Our mission at IPL Biologicals Limited is to improve global food security by regenerating soil, increasing crop productivity, and delivering safe, healthy, and nutritious food to consumers worldwide.

Our revolutionary microbial solutions, with a high CFU count (Colony-Forming Units), are designed to help farmers achieve sustainable growth from seed to harvest. We are proud to partner with nature to improve the health of people and the planet.

The trust of our farmers and stakeholders motivates us to continue formulating - ‘Microbial Innovation for a Better World’.

Our Values

Get to know us better with these core values that define us not only as a company but as a group of like-minded individuals who have a common goal of creating a better tomorrow.


We conduct ourselves and our business affairs in accordance with the highest ethical standards.


We will work towards a customer focussed organization, keeping the customer front and center in all we do.


We base our decisions on maximizing the long-term success of our company.


Each individual doing what it takes to win.


We take responsibility for quality. Our product and services will be amongst the best in terms of value delivered. Each of us is responsible for the quality of everything we do.

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