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IPL Biologicals Limited (formerly known as International Panaacea Limited) specialises in biological solutions for agricultural applications. IPL Biologicals has two world class R&D centers in India with modern and state art facility recognized by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, India. These centers are fully engaged in developing various new products based on biologicals for different fields and commercialized more than 50 products and many new products are in the pipeline. R&D works on the principle of finding solutions through biologicals and creating chemical free environmental friendly solutions and has diversified into industries, waste management etc.

Job description:

Role & responsibilities

Hands on experience on the probiotics culture handling, Isolation, Identification and purifications of Probiotic strains from natural source such as fermented and beverages.

  • Experience in developing Bacillus spore, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotics.
  • Expertise in lab scale production of sporulating Probiotic anaerobic bacterial culture.
  • Knowledge and experience in determining the Probiotic safety (phenotypic and genotypic) and efficacy of probiotic potential.
  • Experience in the upstream, shake flask technology, fermentation, product formulation for microbial based products
  • Handling all kind of fermenters like semi-automated and fully automated and 100 L to 10,000L fermenters.
  • Expertise in various downstream processes like freeze drying, spray drying, centrifugation etc. at both lab scale and commercial scale.
  • Responsible for end to end product development and commercialization of products.
  • Support Technical transfer and develop formulations from lab scale to large scale Production.
  • Experience in down streaming processes to handle bacterial and fungal products for separation/concentration of biomass followed by drying techniques i.e. spray drying and freeze drying etc.
  • Microbial encapsulation techniques to optimize down streaming process for microbial products for maximum viability followed by storage stability.
  • Developing water soluble formulation of microbial based products.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Managing a team of Scientists and execution of the projects related to probiotic development and involving down streaming process optimization.
  • Technology transfer to plant and validation of the same.
  • Project management, Technology commercialization.
  • Securing the IP of the technologies and products developed in the project scope.


Ph.D. in Microbiology/Biotechnology with the specialization of probiotic research and down streaming process


  • Expertise in aseptic microbial techniques for handling pure single strain of anaerobic and aerobic bacterial and fungal cultures.
  • Microbial phenotypic and genotypic identification techniques.
  • Whole genome sequencing along with bioinformatics tools.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Job Summary:

Job Location:
Job Role:
Agri Industry
Role Category:
Research & Development
Ph.D. in Microbiology/Biotechnology with the specialization of probiotic research and down streaming process optimization with 12 to 15 years of industrial experience.
Key Skills:
Bacterial & Fungal phenotypic and genotypic identification downstream processing Whole genomic sequencing Aseptic microbial techniques Single strain bacterial and fungal cultureHandling Bioinformatic tools
Experienced Required:
10 - 15 years


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